Gluten-Free Status/Product Update

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nestlé Toll House Semi Sweet Morsels

February 7, 2007
Thank you for contacting Nestlé. We welcome questions and comments from our consumers.The Nestlé Toll House Semi Sweet Morsels are gluten free.

For several years now Nestlé has been following a strict labeling policy with regard to any of the "Big Eight" allergens in our foods and incoming ingredients. We have insisted that our suppliers notify us if gluten is used in any of their ingredients and yet is not declared on their labeling. Thus, we believe that we have uncovered any potential uses of gluten containing ingredients.

Therefore, any Nestlé products will be fully labeled for any presence of gluten or gluten containing ingredients. We find that this message is much easier that our trying to maintain a positive list of products free of gluten containing ingredients.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you'll visit our website often for latest information on Nestlé products and promotions.

Jennifer Meininger
Consumer Response Representative

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